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We proudly provide American product based in Southern California headquarters.

Quality grade steel poles and high performing luminaires. We at CAL-AM Poles & Lighting, LLC, specialize in providing the best customer service product for your site, commercial and industrial projects.


CAL-AM (Calif. American) POLES & LIGHTING, LLC is a customer-first driven, American made, lighting manufacturer that offers the highest grade of products in performance and quality, without charging a premium to clients. Creating employment opportunities for our Southern California friends and neighbors, CAL-AM is proud to stand by the “American dream.” CAL-AM’s leadership is grounded on the principle of paying it forward, and extends support to the community as a commitment to their fruitful growth.
CAL-AM’s core foundation is built strong by talented, experienced, reputable, and knowledgeable team players that have been in the industry long enough to perfect their outcome—Production, Engineering, Design, Sales, and Marketing.

❖ Our Production Team—Over 30 years of experience in manufacturing exterior custom pedestals, poles and LED fixtures. This experience gives us the edge with long time vendor relationships, as well as the critical eye for quality assurance, and logist expertise that guarantees customer satisfaction.

❖ Our Engineering and Design Teams—Over 25 years of experience. The level of creativity and professional expertise combined to create innovative finished products is above-and-beyond. Custom projects envisioned by our client become reality.

❖ Our Sales & Marketing—Over 20 years experience meeting the wants and needs of clients. We often state the famous quote—“If you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will,” and use it as our motto to focus our 100% commitment to our clients. CAL-AM outshines competition for its fixed promised ship dates and reliable customer service. Customers can have a peace of mind knowing that once their order is “in Process” status, they can move on to other matters. What was promised will be. CAL-AM is and strives to be the most transparent company our clients work with.

CAL-AM Poles and Lighting, LLC offers our clients one more additional fact—we all have passion for what we do. We know the industry of exterior lighting and poles inside and out. The partnerships we build last a lifetime.